To Buy Or Lease a Copier

To Buy Or Lease a Copier

To Buy Or Lease a Copier

For any business owner who has blazed this exact same path from being a mom & pop store and into a genuine company, we finish from printers to a copy machine, and after that to a multifunction copier that was leased and not bought.

Everybody go looking with excitement for a workplace in a commercial structure to actually be a full-fledged business once we’ve outgrown the home-grown business. Comes all the additional costs we didn’t see coming. Networking, furniture, the expense of commercial phones and phone line expenses instead of domestic, etc. One of the greatest unexpected expenditures is the need for a copy machine, or at least that is where it starts. “We don’t require a copier, we’ll simply utilize the printers we’ve had for the previous few years” many individuals think. What we have not learned yet is that printer costs are more pricey than copier expenses.

Copy machine sales lease

Copy machine sales lease

A copier can make copies for cents, however a copier/printer costs 6 to twenty (.06 to.20) cents per page. When we begin producing marketing pieces, printing billings, accounting, stock, etc, we find ourselves wanting we had purchased stock in the printer cartridge market. Then we wake up and understand we needed a copier.

After a year or three, we next learn we should not have actually bought that little copier, due to the fact that now we need a big one, and one that staples, looks at, faxes, scans, acts like a printer and 25 other bells and whistles. So we do our homework and discover everything about a multifunction copier. We see it is the specific response for all our company needs. In fact, we can release all the printers and those pricey cartridges. We think we’ve found organization nirvana with this new tool that does everything, till we see the price. Then our heart skips a beat and we understand the cost of this maker that we can’t live without, costs as much capital as we have in the bank, and payroll is next week. Lastly we learn we can keep all our valuable capital for our company, and still have our brand-new business toy, a completely multifunction copier, simply by leasing it.

After utilizing our brand-new toy for just 2 months, we discovered out we can sell a yard sales:
– Printers
– Printer cartridges
– Fax makers
– Fax maker toner cartridges
– Copy machine
– Copy machine cartridges

Then we don’t even require an accountant to understand how much money we were investing in all those makers, purchasing new ones every few years, stockpiling on all the cartridges, keeping all of it arranged, hoping absolutely nothing breaks so we don’t have to make another capital expense. We realize we’ve started conserving ourselves a lots of money, and we have one maker, networked so the entire office can utilize it, and it is 5-8 machines all rolled up into one. This brand-new genius black box (or white) prints in black and white and 50-100 pages a minute. It prints in color, it scans, faxes, staples, looks at and more. Our lease features a service agreement and a service tech shows up once a month or two (depending upon our copier lease), and they keep it and it never ever breaks down. If it does, one telephone call and they hop on over to repair it; no worry, no loss of more capital, no running down to kinko’s to send a fax, absolutely nothing; all our service printing functions are managed. We wish we ‘d have understood about this gem of a device a long time ago. We recognized as soon as our company grew out of our home-office or garage, we must have leased this great invention. We recollect about all the cash spent on all those makers cartridges, toners, products, shaking our head at how foolish we were. We weren’t silly, we just didn’t know.

In a couple of more years we recognize simply how smart we were to lease and not buy. Why? Due to the fact that now we simply adjust our lease, and the copier business generates a brand-new larger multifunction copier for us and removes the older one, all without any expense cash. They even provided us credit for any unused cartridges; this is when we truly pat ourselves on the back. This is the day we learned that renting this important piece of equipment is the very best investment we’ve ever made, and that leasing it is the only method to have one.

All of us go looking with excitement for an office in a business structure to in fact be a full-fledged business once we’ve grown out of the home-grown business. We believe we’ve discovered business nirvana with this new tool that does everything, until we see the cost tag. We discover we can keep all our precious capital for our organization, and still have our brand-new business toy, a completely multifunction copier, merely by renting it.

If it does, one phone call and they hop on over to fix it; no fear, no loss of more capital, no running down to kinko’s to send a fax, nothing; all our organization printing functions are managed. We realized as soon as our service grew out of our home-office or garage, we must have leased this terrific invention.

Copier Lease FAQ

  • How much does a copier lease cost?
  • Can I pay my copier lease off early?
  • How can I terminate my copier lease early?
Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Copy Machine

Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Copy Machine

Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Copy Machine

Possessing a photocopy machine can be a monetary concern for numerous local business. Aside from supply prices and also maintenance fees, developing the initial capital to buy the copier can stretch functional budgets beyond lucrative limits. Photocopy machine leasing helps reduce the up front financial investment as well as might offer a number of various other appealing benefits.

Capital – Money

Small businesses seldom have endless resources at their disposal. Conserving funds for exploring service possibilities and for making acquisitions that appreciate gradually is even more essential than buying office innovation that will only decline. Avoiding large acquisitions like copy machines maintains bank lines of debt offered for more substantial organization demands. Lease agreements may also include the expense of products, additionally minimizing the preliminary payout.

Budgeting – Copiers Do Have Expenses

Copier lease

Leasing a copier can alleviate budgeting concerns. Instead of making one large payment at the time of purchase, leasing a copier establishes a set schedule of much smaller payments, enabling you to better arrange financial resources. You may even choose the length and terms of your lease arrangment to offer the most payment flexibility. Changes in interest rates also do not affect the established payment amounts.


Copier leasing provides a distinct tax advantage over copier lease or purchasing. If you buy a copier, you may only deduct the machine’s depreciation, which is typically 40 percent of the purchasing price the first year and then 25 percent of the purchasing price in subsequent years. However, if you lease a copier, the lease payment is considered a pretax business expense, meaning you can deduct the entire payment each time it’s made.

Office Equipment Technology

Copier makers depreciate gradually, declining as a result of use and also to the consistent intro of more recent, better modern technology. If your company acquisitions a copier, you can only update in technology by investing in one more brand-new equipment. You would certainly likewise require to remove the previous design, including in your time expenses. On the other hand, the majority of copier lease arrangements have options to update the copier at an established day. Such lease plans allow your organization to constantly be in line with the latest workplace technology. Staying clear of obsolescence also indicates a lot more efficient copying because more recent makers have lower per-page prices. Efficiency translates to boosted revenue as well as a better return on your lease financial investment.

Copier Rental

If you have a new business that does not have any credit history, the best bet is to rent a copier, most copier dealers do not require credit checks when renting a copier, just a credit card on file.